In-Depth Financial Analysis of Emirates Reem Investments Company PJSC (ERC): Trends, Technicals, and More

Emirates Reem Investments Company PJSC (ERC), a key player in the UAE's mineral water bottling and plastic manufacturing industry, has shown significant price movements over the past months. This article delves into a comprehensive financial analysis of ERC, covering trend analysis, technical analysis, support and resistance levels, volatility analysis, and pattern recognition.

In-Depth Financial Analysis of Emirates Reem Investments Company PJSC (ERC): Trends, Technicals, and More


This article provides a detailed financial analysis of Emirates Reem Investments Company PJSC (ERC), examining its recent stock price movements through trend analysis, technical indicators, support and resistance levels, volatility, and pattern recognition. Key insights include the stock's highest and lowest prices, observed trends, and potential future movements.

In-Depth Financial Analysis of Emirates Reem Investments Company PJSC (ERC)

Company Profile:

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Emirates Refreshments (P.S.C.) (formerly Jeema Mineral Water (P.S.C.)) (“the Company”) is a Public Shareholding Company, incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates under a decree issued by His Highness The Ruler of Dubai. The Company is listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

The principal activity of the Company is bottling and selling mineral water as well as manufacturing plastic bottles and containers. The Company has two plants, each located in Dibba and Hatta, UAE. The Company mainly markets, distributes and sells its products across the UAE.

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis of ERC's stock price from May 18, 2023, to November 21, 2023, reveals a fluctuating pattern. The stock peaked at AED 4.46 on August 25, 2023, and hit its lowest at AED 3.0 on October 23, 2023. Initially, the stock showed an upward trend from mid-May to late August, followed by a period of decline and stabilization.

Technical Analysis

Technical indicators such as moving averages and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) provide insights into ERC's stock performance. The 50-day moving average indicates a general downward trend, especially noticeable from mid-September to late October. The RSI values suggest that the stock was overbought around early August and oversold in late October.

Support and Resistance Analysis

Support levels for ERC are identified around AED 3.0, observed on October 23, 2023. Resistance levels are noted at approximately AED 4.46, the highest price recorded on August 25, 2023. These levels are critical for traders to make buy or sell decisions based on price movements.

Volatility Analysis

ERC's stock has shown considerable volatility over the analyzed period. The price fluctuations between AED 3.0 and AED 4.46 indicate a volatile market, which can be attributed to external market conditions and internal company performance. The stock's highest volatility was observed in early August and late October.

Pattern Recognition

Several patterns emerge from the price data. The head and shoulders pattern is evident around mid-September, indicating a potential reversal. Additionally, a double bottom pattern is noticeable in late October, suggesting a possible upward trend. These patterns are essential for forecasting future price movements.


In summary, ERC's stock has experienced significant price movements over the past months. The trend analysis shows a peak in August followed by a decline. Technical indicators suggest periods of overbought and oversold conditions. Support and resistance levels provide key price points for trading decisions. The stock's volatility highlights the dynamic market environment, and pattern recognition offers insights into potential future trends. Investors should consider these analyses when making informed decisions about ERC's stock.

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