Comprehensive Financial Analysis of Oman Insurance Company (OIC)

This article provides an in-depth financial analysis of Oman Insurance Company (P.S.C.), also known as Sukoon. The analysis includes a trend analysis, technical analysis, support and resistance analysis, volatility analysis, and pattern recognition. By examining these aspects, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the stock's performance and potential future movements.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis of Oman Insurance Company (OIC)


Oman Insurance Company (OIC) has shown a relatively stable price trend with minor fluctuations over the past few months. The stock's highest price was recorded on December 28, 2023, and January 1, 1900, at 3.9, while the lowest was on April 11, 2023, at 3.5. The technical analysis indicates a stable stock with minimal volatility, and the support and resistance levels are well-defined. Overall, the stock exhibits a stable and predictable pattern, making it a potentially safe investment.

Company Profile

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Established in 1975, Oman Insurance Company P.S.C. ("Sukoon") is one of the leading insurance providers in the UAE. They provide a wide range of comprehensive insurance solutions to more than 830,000 individuals and commercial clients in life, healthcare and general (property, energy, engineering, aviation, marine and liability) insurance. The Company has operations across all Emirates in the UAE as well as in Oman.

The Company is a subsidiary of Mashreq Bank (PSC) incorporated in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Company is committed to providing outstanding insurance solutions that help create and protect wealth and wellbeing. The Dubai-based company achieves this mission by serving businesses and individuals with a team of 650 professionals through an intensive distribution network of branches, brokers, bancassurance partners, agencies, an e-commerce platform and a dedicated call centre.

At its core, the Company is a customer-centric organization, with a single-minded focus on service. Its priority has always been to build long term client relationships, with complete customer satisfaction as most important, non-negotiable objective. Sukoon wants to become a reference in the region for excellent customer service.

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis of Oman Insurance Company (OIC) reveals a relatively stable stock price over the past several months. The stock price has shown minor fluctuations, with significant stability around the 3.53 mark for an extended period. This stability indicates a strong support level at 3.53, which the stock has consistently maintained from May to October 2023.

The highest recorded stock price was on December 28, 2023, and January 1, 1900, both at 3.9. The lowest price was observed on April 11, 2023, at 3.5. The price trend suggests a narrow trading range, reflecting a balanced demand and supply scenario for the stock.

Technical Analysis

From a technical analysis perspective, OIC's stock shows a consistent pattern with minimal volatility. The stock's price has predominantly hovered around the 3.53 mark, indicating strong investor confidence and low market speculation. The price spikes in early December 2023, reaching 3.9, suggest a potential bullish sentiment during that period.

Key technical indicators such as moving averages would likely show a flat line due to the consistent price. This stability can be attractive for risk-averse investors looking for steady returns without significant price swings.

Support and Resistance Analysis

Support and resistance levels are crucial in understanding the stock's potential price movements. For OIC, the strong support level is clearly at 3.53, where the stock has consistently bounced back over several months. This support level indicates a strong buying interest whenever the price approaches this mark.

The resistance level appears to be around 3.85 to 3.9, where the stock has faced selling pressure. The price has struggled to break above this range, indicating that investors might be taking profits or that there is a lack of strong buying interest beyond this level.

Volatility Analysis

Volatility analysis of OIC's stock shows that it is relatively low, which aligns with the observed price stability. The stock's price has remained within a tight range, suggesting low market speculation and a stable investor base. This low volatility can be appealing to conservative investors who prefer predictable returns over high-risk, high-reward scenarios.

Pattern Recognition

The pattern recognition analysis indicates that OIC's stock follows a predictable and stable pattern. The consistent price around the 3.53 mark and the resistance at 3.85 to 3.9 suggest a horizontal trading channel. This pattern is often seen in stocks with strong fundamentals and stable market conditions.

The occasional price spikes, such as those in December 2023, could be attributed to market events or positive company news. These spikes, however, do not significantly disrupt the overall stable pattern, reinforcing the stock's predictability.


In conclusion, Oman Insurance Company (OIC) exhibits a stable and predictable stock performance. The trend analysis shows a narrow trading range with strong support at 3.53 and resistance around 3.85 to 3.9. The technical analysis indicates low volatility and consistent price movements, making it a potentially safe investment for risk-averse investors. The pattern recognition further supports the stock's stability, suggesting that OIC is well-positioned for steady performance in the future.

Investors looking for a stable and reliable stock in the insurance sector may find OIC an attractive option. The company's strong fundamentals, coupled with its consistent stock performance, make it a potentially valuable addition to a diversified investment portfolio.

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